Our Cause


 “47% of Bachelor’s degrees in STEM occupations earn more than PhD's in non-STEM occupations.”

Georgetown Center for Education and the Workforce

Student-athletes represent a large at-risk population of citizens in our cities. The numbers are even more depressing for black inner city athletes. The reason for this situation is partly due to the “win at all cost” attitude that permeates all too many athletic programs at every level, from little league programs to NCAA College programs. Violent outburst of profanity and brief demonstrations of property damage are all too often overlooked because the program is winning. Poor math, science and English comprehension assessment is tucked away because the student is an amazing athlete. Missed assignment looked over and tutor-completed assignments are unquestionably accepted because the school has a chance for an unbeaten season and state title. Top programs like UConn graduate less than 18% of their black athletes. UNC is currently under the spotlight for 18 years of paper classes which padded the GPA’s of many of its student-athletes. This must stop but it begins with changing the culture and development around student-athletes of all races at the early ages.

Student-Athletes are often pushed along the educational chain because of their unique athletic abilities, without properly being educated. Sportin' The Grades endeavors to work closely with educational institutions and athletic organizations to make sure that student-athletes are properly educated, mentored, tutored and positioned to succeed. We want every student-athlete to be able to take full advantage academically of the opportunities their athletic skill-sets open up for them in their individual lives. We will help develop, retain and graduate more athletes that are true assets to their communities, through strong academic, social and athletic support systems. We want to produce more engineer-athletes, nanotechnology-athletes, computer science-athletes, chemist-athletes, architect-athletes, physicist-athletes, mathematician-athletes, biomedical-athletes, environmental-athletes and geoscience-athletes in America; producing academically strong athletes that have chosen to pursue a lifelong mission of excellence.

What do you do with a 6’5” 270 pound offensive defensive tackle or a 6’8” 245 pound power forward that was cut during his rookie season in the NFL or the NBA? What do you do with greater than 90% of the college athletes who will never play professional baseball, hockey, football, basketball or soccer? They helped sell out college arenas and stadiums throughout the United States but no one made sure they were nurtured towards academic excellence and social consciousness throughout their lifespan.