Our unique and highly effective ACT PREP course was designed by ACT mastermind Jennifer Fuller, M.S. Ed.; who has a unique educational background that helped shape the ACT Prep Program. As a high school senior, Jennifer was awarded full-tuition scholarships to two different universities based largely on her high ACT score. She first earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Molecular Genetics with Full University Honors from Northern Illinois University. Jennifer then earned her Illinois Secondary Teacher Certification in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology from Southern Illinois University. Finally, while teaching high school chemistry, she completed her Master of Science Education Degree in Integrating Technology in the Classroom from Walden University. For her final master's program project, Jennifer proposed designing a program that would teach students her strategies on ACT test. Interestingly enough, Jennifer's professor initially told her that teaching students strategies to score higher on the ACT was an impossible task. However, after Jennifer submitted her completed research, her professor called her and said, "No one have ever done anything like this before. You are going to change lives!

Over the past five years, Jennifer’s ACT Prep Program has resulted in numerous proven ACT score increases unmatched by ANY other ACT test prep program in the nation. This is because her ACT Prep Program was not built upon the foundations of traditional ACT programs. Instead, the ACT Prep Program was developed from years of original, independent research (beginning with the math strategies) that approached the ACT test in a completely new and unconventional way. This research led to the development of the Revolutionary ACT strategies that have proven time and time again to deliver truly unbelievable ACT score increases.