About Us

Sportin’ The “Grades” is a belief system that we endeavor to instill within student-athletes, where academic grades means so much more than a letter grade on an exam or homework assignment.  We want all student-athletes to buy into “EXECELLENCE” holistically.   Whether performing basketball dribbling drills, doing academic homework assignments or performing home cleaning chores; “excellence” should always be the goal.  There is a point in life where doing the right thing is not about punishment or reward systems.  There is a point where the peace and inner fulfillment drives and lifelong pursuit of total commitment to excellence.  We want to partner with parents, corporations, educational institutions and athletic organizations; in an effort to encourage our youth to pursue this lifelong commitment to excellence. We want to create a cohesive support system around the lives of our young student athletes.  We want our youth to feel proud of the great choices they are learning to embrace; as they hold their heads high because they sport the grade “A” both internally and externally through their lifelong commitment to achieving excellence.